AFGELAST: Internationale workshop: nieuwe datum volgt

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27-04-2020 om 10:00


30-04-2020 om 16:00

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Namens de BfN (Duits Federaal Agentschap voor Natuurbehoud), nodigen wij u van harte uit voor de Internationale Workshop over Deelname van de lokale bevolking en belanghebbenden aan Europese UNESCO biosfeerreservaten.

The program comprises best practice presentations and expert talks on successful participation processes, plus excursions with regard to participatory projects in the Biosphere Reserve Southeast Rügen. The workshop also offers interactive sessions with different group methods for exchange, transfer and networking.

The workshop will take place from 27th-30th April 2020, at the International Academy for Nature Conservation on the Isle of Vilm, Germany

The workshop deals with participation of the local population and local stakeholders, including the youth, in Biosphere Reserves. Successful practices and case studies of participatory processes in the fields of land use, climate protection, youth engagement, citizen science and education for sustainable development will be presented. We will focus on how effective participatory processes are to be developed and implemented successfully in the long term. In this regard, an important aspect will be the active involvement of local population and stakeholders in decision making processes or governance structures of the Biosphere Reserves.

Workshop topics:
-          Case studies and experiences of participation in resource management
-          Participatory governance structures in biosphere reserves
-          Supporting participation: How to raise awareness, involve and activate people
-          Involvement of particular groups and less represented institutions
-          Is there a recipe for meaningful participation?

We invite representatives of European Biosphere Reserves, representatives of the youth, members of the MAB National Committees and EuroMAB to join the workshop to facilitate an enriching exchange on burning issues in biosphere reserves.

The workshop is part of a three-part workshop series on Biosphere Reserve related issues in Europe. The workshop series running from 2019-2021 is managed by the German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN) with financial support of the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU) and organized by the Michael Succow Foundation.

Registration to the workshop is possible until 15th March 2020. Please register here. The number of participants is limited. The choice of participants will consider the diversity of countries, topics and connection to biosphere reserves. There is no workshop participation fee. Refunding of travel costs for European lecturers can be requested in individual cases. Train tickets in Germany can be purchased via Through this link, you can receive a train ticket to a discount for events organized by our project partner Nationale Naturlandschaften, these tickets are only valid together with this invitation.

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